Create OBB folder from obb file

Create OBB Folder for OBB File

This post will tell you how to create the OBB Folder of any game if you have its .obb file.

.obb file is a file that contains the game’s graphics data and some other details. Not all the games have obb files with them.

If you have a zip folder that contains OBB, then you need to read this article:

If you have a .obb file  (not a folder) and you want to create an OBB folder with this file, then this post is perfect for you.


  • .obb file
  • Laptop or PC
  • Android Device
  • USB cord

How to create OBB folder for OBB file

This is very easy to create obb folder for obb file if you understand the whole procedure carefully. Along with the instructions, we will take a look at an example so that you can understand the details easily. We will take the game ‘Jetpack Joyride’ as an example. Here is the Play Store link for this game: Open this game in the new tab of your browser to make it easy for you to understand. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to create obb folder easily.

  1. Now let’s suppose that you have a valid APK file and a .obb file for the game ‘Jetpack Joyride’. You can download the files here if you want to try to do it yourself.
  2. First of all you need to know the exact Play Store link for that game. (Example: For jetpack joyride, the play store link is
  3. You can find the link of any game or app in the address bar of your browser
  4. Now you need to copy the ‘unique id’ of the game. The unique id of the game or app is in the Google Play Store link of the game and it starts after ‘id=’
  5. Don’t be confused. Here it is with the example. The Unique ID for Jetpack Joyride is “com.halfbrick.jetpackjoyride“. (Note: you may see “&hl=en” or “&hl=de” at the end of the link. Just ignore it because it is specifically for the language.)
  6. After copying the unique ID of the game, create a folder on the desktop of your PC.
  7. Rename the folder and name it to the unique ID of the game. In this case you will rename the folder to “com.halfbrick.jetpackjoyride”. (DO NOT include language tage “&hl=en”, “&hl=de”, etc. in folder name.)
  8. Pick the .obb file and place it in this renamed folder. (DO NOT change the name of the file or it will not work. For jetpack joyride, the name of the obb file is
  9. That’s it. You now have the proper OBB folder for your game.
  10. Copy the APK file and the OBB folder in your android device and enjoy the game.
  11. Click here to learn where to place the OBB folder in your android device.

Remember: The game will not work if you will place .obb directly in your device. It is necessary to create a folder with the unique ID to make it work.

4 thoughts on “Create OBB Folder for OBB File”

  1. Just for clarification, you don’t need a computer for this (unless your phone isn’t rooted; unless your OBB destination folder is read only). I’ve been doing this for a while (way longer than this thread was posted) and I’ve not once used a computer to create, move or edit my .obb (by edit, I don’t mean tearing it apart and changing it around internally, just the renaming). For everything concerning doing this, I use es file explorer, which is a very user friendly file managing app. else you’ve stated is correct. Except the fact that you can rename the obb file AND folder as many times as you want, just as long as you rename them back to what they should be before finishing up what you’re doing.

    1. Oh, and I’m not saying you’re wrong on the matter, just helping out a little so as to make it easier on less experienced people. so, please, don’t take offense to me making a slight correction to what you put. I just felt my input could hopefully help a little more. If you want, you can add that to your original post so others can see that info there, since not everyone will scroll down and read comments.

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