Install APK with OBB data

Install APK with OBB Data

Install APK with Data or OBB File on Android

OBB file is a file that developers create along with some APK packages to support the application. The OBB files contain bundles of large assets. These files carry encrypted data including media and graphics that is not included in the APK file.

This post will tell you how to install the APK files that have the ‘Data file’ or ‘OBB file’ with them. This post covers 2 ways of installing APK with OBB files:

If you are looking for the guide on ‘how to install simple APK (without data or OBB files) on your android phone, click here.


It is easy to install APK files with OBB data using a PC or a laptop. However, you can still install APK files with OBB directly on your android device. You need to have ES File Explorer app on your android device if you want to install the APK with OBB data directly on your android device.



To install the APK with OBB/Data, you will need to have:

  • APK file
  • OBB or Data folder (usually a zip file downloaded from internet)

Install APK with OBB file using a PC or a Laptop

After getting all the required files you need to connect your phone with your PC via USB cable or Bluetooth connection.

[su_note note_color=”#f1f1f1″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]You can also use a memory card for this purpose.[/su_note]

Install APK on Your Android Phone

First you need to install the APK file on your android phone. In order to do that, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Place the APK file in your phone’s SDcard or Internal memory (preferably external SDcard).
  2. Browse your phone memory/external memory and tap on the APK file.
  3. Click ‘install’
  4. Wait for the APK to install.
  5. Do not run the application yet.
  6. After successful installation, you need to place the Data / OBB file in the right place.

[su_note note_color=”#f1f1f1″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]If you are unable to install the APK file, click here to learn how to install APK file accurately.[/su_note]

Install APK with OBB Data
Install APK with OBB Data

Where to put the OBB or Data file?

  1. First of all unzip/extract the downloaded OBB or Data file in your PC or laptop.
  2. Copy the ‘Data’ folder and place it into the given path:[su_note note_color=”#f6f6f6″]External SD Card > Android > Data > **paste the folder here**[/su_note]
    In case of OBB files, copy the OBB folder and place it in the given path here: [su_note note_color=”#f6f6f6″]External SD Card > Android > OBB > **paste the folder here**[/su_note]
  3. If you cannot find the OBB or Data folder, you can create a new folder manually.
  4. Make sure that the files are successfully copied in your SDcard.
  5. Disconnect your phone from PC.
  6. Run the APK file now.

That’s it. You have successfully complete the process. You can now enjoy the full features of APK on your android phone.



How to Install APK with OBB directly on your android device

It is even easier to install APK with OBB files directly on your android device. Just follow the steps below.

[su_list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#1bd400″]

  • Install the app ‘ES File Explorer’ on your android device.
  • Download the desired APK file and OBB zip file in your android device. (You can download it in the internal memory or the external memory.)
  • Once you have downloaded the APK and the OBB file, open ES File Explorer that you installed in step 1.
  • Locate the APK file, click on it and select ‘install’.

1 2

  • Wait until the installation is complete. (Do not run the game yet.)
  • Now you need to place the OBB file in the right place. In order to do so, locate the OBB file in your device.
  • Click on the OBB file. (it asked, choose ‘ES zip viewer).


  • After the OBB zip file is open, you will see a small box with an arrow on the top right. This is the ‘extract’ button as shown in the image.
  • Click on the extract button.


  • Now you have to choose the path where you want to extract the content.
  • Select ‘choose path’ and click on the box below it.


  • It will open a box where you can choose the path.
  • Click on the folder named ‘Android’


  • Now click ‘obb’. (Note: If you don’t see any obb folder, click on the + sign on the top right to create a new folder. Rename this folder to ‘obb’.)


  • Click ‘ok’


  • Now you will see the selected path (sdcard/Android/obb).
  • Click ‘ok’ again.


  • Wait for the files to extract.


That’s it. Now you are ready to play your favorite game.

Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you



50 thoughts on “Install APK with OBB Data”

      1. Not being able to store the files on the SD card. The games only work if iI store them on the phone memory, in the obb section, like it says to do in the SD card section. it’s driving me insane, since I’d like to not burden my phone memory too much, but also, you know, have games on it.

        1. Unfortunately not all games allow us to load them through External SD Card. But this can be possible if you have a rooted device. You can move all your games into External SD Card if you have a rooted device or would like to root it. Here’s a tutorial on how to move all the games into External SD Card on a rooted device But rooting a device isn’t something I recommend you because it breaks your phone security and gives you access to core files and folders of your firmware. Google “what’s a rooted phone?” to know more about Rooting a device.

  1. how can i update an apk with obb files? do i delete the old obb & apk and install the upated version?

      1. let me change my question. how can i update the apk with obb file without losing my game progress? let’s say i have the version 1.1.1 of apk and obb
        later on theres a new version of apk and obb which is 2.2.2 and i downloaded it how can i update my 1.1.1 to 2.2.2 without losing my game progress?

          1. Some games ( not all ) have the ability to have your progress saved by creating an account or logging in using facebook. By this way you can easily update it.

  2. This smart guy is saying u need a pc for copying and pasting obb files but we can do it without using pc. But in some android devices we are not able to play games even after copying obb files (from pc or android no matters).when we start the game it shows invalid license oherwise shows notification error and after clicking ok it force close. Can anyone have solution of it.

    1. ok so for liscence verification there is this thing called lucky patcher. this app is only found on the internet, not play store, so u need to download it for there.

      anyways, after u downloaded lucky patcher, you open it and it will show you all your other downloaded apps. you choose the app you want to patch/hack/anythinglikethat. then choose “open menu of patches” then choose “remove liscence verification” then u can kinda play around with combinations of patches to patch your game and remove your game’s liscence verification. if the “remove liscence verification” does not work, then choose “make a liscence for the app”. if that doesnt work, you can straight hack the app by choosing “support patch for inapp and lvl emulation”. When you choose “support patch for inapp and lvl emulation” there will be a similar checkbox list like the other ones, but on this one, you need to check all the boxes.

      last but not least, when the lucky patcher thing is finished loading the modified apk, you need to click “go to file”, not “ok”. When you click “go to file” the app will lead you to the file which you will click and then you click “uninstall and install”.

      tada.. your game will be uninstalled and will be installed with a newer modified version. unfortunately this lucky patcher does not work for all apps. i tried it on games like subway surfers and all those cheap as f apps, and it works. but for the high quality apps like Asphalt 8 and Cytus, it does not work. you just need to try it for all apps u want to patch.

      I hope it helped…

  3. I followed all the instructions but when i installed the apk it say’s “app not installed,” pls. help. Thanks!

  4. Hi I’ve already done the steps, and after I installed the game there is an error prompt ” Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”? Thank you for the response.

  5. I have downloaded the es explorer and done the same which hou have shown in the image ..but still it dosent work ….while try to start the game it shows msg that unfortunately ducktales game is stop…..pls help me out in this

  6. i did the thing but when i install the apk file it says.

    download failed because the resources could not be found.

  7. After downloading and completing other procedure the thing is still saying “require more data to download “… Pls why is it like this?

  8. I think.. First u need to put data or obb file into sdcard/android/obb or /data folder then u hv to install the app.. Remember install the apk later … Not before u put obb or data file.. Nd if still not working.. Try to put obb or data file into internal memory/android/obb or / data folder.. I recommnd obb … This might help for sure…

  9. Its not working im trying to play teeny titans I have done it multiple times and it just shows robin then screen goes black…

    1. Hi Ellie ,
      Follow these steps to play teeny titans.
      1.install es file explorer . the obb data file for teeny titans . the apk.(do not install the apk right now )
      4.go to es file explorer , then to downloads folder in it . on the obb file and then extract these files to Android folder in there to obb folder.
      6.Now install the teeny titans apk .Done.

      Hope this works ,Enjoy playing your game …


  10. It didnt work im trying to play teeny titans and folled everything when i start the game it just shows a picture of robin then the screen goes black…

  11. I want to install flight pilot pro apk. As ur directions I have installed apk file first and unzipped its obb file in sdcard/android/obb folder. And ran the game but its not working. Where is the problem? Is this trick really works? Please help.

  12. Every body listen me please. JUST THE THING YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD IS BLACKMARKT. it can help you to download your favourite game even the game is of money on play store. You can learn that how to use it just go and search how to use blackmart OK I will tell you how to use it just open black mart ho to settings and go to sort mode and then filter and choose paid option in filter and then when you will search on it any thing it will display money on them but when you will click on that it will be of free. HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND IT MAY HELP YOU. ( ( THANKS))

  13. “please download this third party app to do the same things you can do in explorer on your computer”

  14. where to put obb/data folder? i mean in sd card or internal memory, how to find out where game is installed?

  15. No it didn’t work they rarely do….I got to the point where we had to select “android” from the drop down menu, android isn’t an option…it’s asking me to select Encoding, ….any suggestions?

  16. Hi sir I have facing problem when I have installed OBB file and apk file.apk file in internal storage and OBB file in Android OBB folder as I watch on you tube but after installation of OBB file when first time I run apk file it shows download data even I paste data or OBB file to Android folder what is the problem I can’t understand and I have lost my all data please help me my phone is Lenovo vibe k5 plus

  17. Actually I was trying for many times but when I am running apk file it shows downloading data what is the problem my device is lenovo vibe k5 plus I have following same procedure explain above but not scared please help me

  18. copy the apk file alone into anywhere in your sd card and install then launch after install, this will now create a folder in SD/Android/obb/ the folder name will be like com.facebook.apk so look for the one that has the name of your obb file name and copy the obb file into it. now launch game again. it worked for me.

  19. It opened but after the trailer the game became white and the graphics were showing as negative or blurred don’t know why

  20. I needed this guide very much. Thanks a lot. I did exactly as you said and it’s work for me.

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