Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

[Solved] Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

A friend of mine recently brought his Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 to me and asked me to root and update the device for him. I had rooted hundreds of phones, got many problems, and usually I ended up solving the problem in couple of hours. BUT this time, when I rooted and updated his phone to XXUGMK6 firmware, his phone wouldn’t connect to the network. Everything, including wifi, was working fine except “not registered on network” message on the screen.

[Solved] Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
[Solved] Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

I tried put it back to stock rom, but no luck. The worst part was that its IMEI number was also gone. IMEI would show ‘0049’. It was nothing less than a nightmare for me. I searched everywhere over the internet for the fix, but couldn’t find the solution.After 2 days, literally, I found a fix for this problem with the help of my genius friend. So, I decided it to share it with you so that you do not have to go through this misery. Given below are the steps how to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 not registered on network problem. Just make sure that you follow these steps exactly as explained below.

What is this tutorial for?

This tutorial is for the owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 ONLY. This method would work only on SIII i9300; other devices cannot be fixed using this method.

This guide will fix two problems simultaniously:

  • Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 issue
  • Lost IMEI – Restore IMEI

What do we need?

How to fix Not Registered on Network Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

The very first step to fixing this problem is to flash XXUGMK6 firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. You can find the tutorial here.

Once you have flashed XXUGMK6 firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S3, you need to download this file given below:

Galaxy S3 Kernel & Patch (

Unzip this folder anywhere in your PC but DO NOT unzip the files inside the folder.

You will see 2 files inside the folder:


Now follow these steps below to fix your not registered on network error.

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 with your PC via the USB. (You can use bluetooth connection as well)
  2. Copy the files to your phone’s SDcard.
  3. Now disconnect the cable and turn off your phone.
  4. Boot the phone in recovery mode. (Turn off your phone > Press ‘volume up + ‘menu’ + ‘power’ keys together for a little while until your phone turns on.)
  5. Select the option “Install zip from SDcard”
  6. Choose the file “” and click confirm to install this file.
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.
  8. Now select “Install zip from SDcard” again.
  9. This time, choose the file “” and click confirm to install this zip file as well.
  10. Wait for the installation to complete.
  11. Now select “Reboot system” option and wait for the phone to start in the normal mode.

Voila!!! You will have your phone registered on network and you will also see that your IMEI has been restored. Feel free to leave a comment if you’re having any issues. We’d be glad to help.

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  1. i cant download it bcz i dont see download option anyhelp plz to download Galaxy S3 Kernel & Patch (

  2. Hallo Admin,

    I also experience the same problem now in my Samsung galaxy s3 I9300. I have followed the steps that you have mentioned above, everything went good but still I have the same problem. I couldn’t connect to the network. Do you have any other recommendation for me?.

    Thankyou in advance.

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