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How to Remove Messages from Call Logs Samsung

Samsung is ruling the world of Android these days. Their smartphones are being used by a wide range of people all over the world. This is because Samsung never compromises over its quality and tries to provide the best to its customers.

No matter what phone you are using, security and privacy are the two important aspects that most individuals care about. We keep trying to preserve our privacy by different ways, not only in the field of technology, but also in the real life. Many people now use security codes or even security apps to protect their privacy such as personal images, call logs, messages, social media interactions, etc.

Putting a code on a home screen is a good idea to protect your privacy, but still, there are times when you have to hand over your phone unlocked to your friend or a family member. You can put a security code on text messages, facebook, google hangouts, or other apps, but you are not secure yet. But how?? The reason is that if you are using a Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed that all your Text Messages appear in the Call Logs,  Not only a third person can see who you have texted, but he can also read the full conversation because it is visible in the call logs. Now matter how many codes you put on your text messages, the messages keep appearing in the call logs. This is a really really annoying thing and most of the people feel insecure about this. The worst part is that, Samsung has not given any option on hiding your text messages from call logs. Yes, you can choose to show only calls in the logs but as soon as you navigate away from call logs and come back, the messages appear again. Now here is how can you remove messages from call logs.

How to Remove Messages From Call Logs in Samsung

I have tried many different ways of hiding messages from call logs in Samsung and I found only one best way to do this. You can hide your messages from call logs by installing a simple application “Samsung Log Converter” by Noah Seidman.

[appbox googleplay com.samsung.log.converter.ics]

Follow these simple steps to hide messages from your call logs in Samsung

  1. Install the app “Samsung Log Converter” from Google Play or you can also Download the APK here.
  2. Once the app is installed, swipe down the ‘Notification Panel’ from the top of your screen.
  3. Click on “Samsung Log Converter”
  4. You will see a pop up message from Samsung Log Converter.
Samsung Log Converter
Samsung Log Converter

That’s it. Now go to the call logs and you will see that messages have disappeared. Hurrah!!

The best part about this app is that it is ONLY 33 KB in size which is almost equal to zero MB.

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